Maha Sustainable Mineral Technology For Shrimp Farming

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Shrimp farming is the latest type of farming that transforming itself with new technologies in Singapore. Singapore government has recently announced a $60 million Agri-Food Cluster Transformation Fund to support local farmers to bring in new technologies to boost their yield and reduce pollution and waste. Singapore government aims to boost the existing capabilities of local farmers to enable them to meet the Clean and Green Standard launching later this year.

Maha Chemicals Asia is one of the foremost brand name in the Speciality Chemicals Marketing and Distribution Industry in the Southeast Asian region. Headquartered in Singapore, we provide a wide range of chemical solutions with a deep understanding of customers’ needs across industries. We are excited to share our knowledge and technologies to help local aquaculture farmers boost their yield and reduce pollution and waste.

Maha Chemicals Asia had previously introduced a sustainable mineral technology, AQUA-Cal+, to alleviate the problems faced by shrimp farmers in Malaysia and Vietnam. AQUA-Cal+ is a stabilised suspension of approximately 60% by weight Magnesium Hydroxide with some Calcium Carbonate. AQUA-Cal+ utilisation in culture ponds minimises pollution to the environment and reduces stress factors in the ponds. AQUA-Cal+ enables farmers to adopt a green culture technique and increase yield and revenue for the farmers.


Here is the trial result from shrimp farmer in Malaysia. After adding AQUA-Cal+ into the shrimp ponds, the pH and alkalinity stabilized. Sludge digestion, water quality and pond bottom condition also improved.

Stocking Density
48 pcs/m2
Trial Pond
0.5ha x 1m
Trial Date & Progress
11-Sep-2020; Trial Ended

Conditions before adding AQUA-Cal+

Conditions after adding AQUA-Cal+

Drainage Frequency
Desludge Frequency
Algae Killer
Figure 1: Trial Result from Shrimp Farmer in Malaysia

Maha Chemicals Asia is now excited to introduce AQUA-Cal+ and other green culture technologies to our local aquaculture farmers. We hope to do our part in driving for a greener and more sustainable future.


Do contact us to know more about AQUA-Cal+ and other green culture technologies.