Are all MahaChem products packaged under private labelling?

  • Yes, all MahaChem products can be provided with private labelling service. If there are any products of your interest to be sold under private labelling, please feel free to contact our brand specialist: for the inquiry.

Do you have any recommendations on the products that have the potential to be sold under private labelling?

We do have some recommendations as the following:

  • 3-Component Water Based Polyurethane Concrete Flooring System

Do we have to purchase from you in order to enjoy this service? Do you have MOQ?

Yes, this service is valid only if you order products under MahaChem.

We have different MOQ depending on the products that you are interested.

Normally, the MOQ is at least 2 MT per order. However, you may inquire us freely if you have any interest.

Can I request for private label for the old inventory I bought previously?

  • If you want to have private label for the old orders, we also can do labelling according to your request and send the products to you. However, if there is any additional costs incurred, we will inform you in advance.

Can I ask for additional set of private label alongside with the Maha Original Label, so that I can choose whether to paste it or not?

  • Yes, you can. The products can be delivered under Maha Original Label with another set of private label reserved for your use. Please indicate to “label separated from ordered products” in this case.