Can I have your company account team contact?

Please email to our accounting team in the respective countries.

Can I have your company bank details?

  • Our bank details are normally printed on our invoice, and you are always welcome to contact our accounting team to get the details.

Can I request the receipt from your company?

  • Yes, please contact our respective accounting team to get the receipt.

What should I do if I have not receive the payment even when the invoice was due?

  • Please kindly contact our accounting team for the payment schedule.

Does your company have the Paypal account?

  • Kindly contact our accounting team for more information.

What are the acceptable payment methods?

  • You can make payment to us via cash, cheque, Documents against Payment (DP) at sight, Letters of Credit (LC) at sight, GIRO payment, or internet bank transfer.

Does your company send the E-statement to customers?

  • Yes, now we are implementing to send E-statements to our customers.

Can we have the credit note when we had found the discrepancy in invoice?

  • Discrepancy can be discussed after full details given to sales person and customer care team, and Credit Note will be issued accordingly once agreed.

How long does it to take for you to process corporate payment?

  • We will issue the payment based on the due date on the invoice.

How many days of Credit Term are entitled to my company?

  • Kindly contact our regional officers for credit limit and terms to assessment.