1. Where do you sell your products?

We have 11 offices all over ASEAN region, and Sri Lanka. However, we are also open for the businesses outside of our regions. For those countries, please email to us at

2. What products do you offer?

We are working with more than 150 agencies for over 2000 products. You can find a focus list of our products from our product search page.

3. What are the possible benefits I can experience from working with you?

We regard Customer Satisfaction as a Top Priority and have always taken a paramount stand on serving customers with a high degree of quality distinction and excellent service experience. As a value-adding partner to the customers, we understand the need for quality in the products and for prompt responses to the customer’s needs, concerns and enquiries.

4. How can I apply to be a Maha member?

We treasure all talents including you! Kindly visit our Career page and explore further on how you can be one of us.

5. I have difficulty in purchasing in bulk as I do not have warehouses. Can you help for this?

We are able to offer you price-competitive warehouse solution as a value-added service for our customers.