What can you ship?

We accept all types of products including dry, hazardous goods and the goods without temperature control. If you want to know more details, you can email product MSDS to us (

Where can I ship from and ship to?

  • We are offering Shipment Consolidation service from China main ports: Ningbo, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shekou, Shenzhen, Qingdao, Nangjing & Huangpu.

We are able to help you ship your cargo to below Asia ports: Singapore &  Haiphong, Ho Chi Minh (Vietnam), Bangkok (Thailand), Jakarta & Surabaya (Indonesia), Sihanoukville (Cambodia), Yangon (Myanmar) & Colombo (Sri Lanka).

Do you offer air freight service?

  • No. Shipment Consolidation Service from China is only offering ocean freight service at this moment.

What is the role of Maha in Shipment Consolidation Service from China?

  • In align with China’s one Belt and one Road thought, Maha would like to connect China with Asian countries by offering Shipment Consolidation service with low shipment cost, and help our partner to save more logistics & handling cost for their cargo.

How long does the shipment take?

  • The normal shipment lead time is 2-4 weeks after the goods have arrived at our Shanghai warehouse. But you may have to wait for a longer time if there are not many cargos available for Shipment Consolidation Service.

How much does the service cost?

  • The cost varies on port or loading, destination port, cargo dimension, weight and cargo type (hazardous goods or non-hazardous goods).

How much are you able to save compared with your current service?

  • You may fill up the request form and get the cost details. By estimation, you are able to get USD200 savings per CBM if you ship with us.

Are taxes included?

  • You will make payment directly to custom for the import taxes and duties after shipment has arrived on port of discharge. Charges included in the invoice does not include import taxes and duties.

What are the required documents that needs to be submitted?

We would require:

  • Your company Full name and Contact person.
  • Your supplier’s company’s Full name, Contact person for cargo delivery & collection.
  • Product’s Full name, MSDS, HS Code & Cargo delivery date.

How can i make a payment for the service?

  • You can make payment to us via Cash or Bank Transfer. You will receive your shipment charge and our banks details after you have confirmed of using our shipment service.

Will I have to pay for additional fees after payment is made?

  • No, unless there are unexpected processing requirements due to erroneous or incomplete information submitted by you. (E.g. incorrect volume, wrong number of line items specified or inadequate preparation of the shipment prior to pick-up such that the logistics service provider would have to repack your shipment, or unforeseeable circumstances such as voyage cancellation by a carrier (which then requires reassignment to another carrier), and custom hold and inspection (collectively referred to as “Allowable Additional Charges”)).
  • You will be contacted in advance before any Allowable Additional Charges are incurred for emergency situations. The details of such Allowable Additional Charges will be itemized in the invoice sent to you.

How will the size of shipment be determined?

  • Our China warehouse staff will measure the goods when cargos arrive at our China warehouse.

We will charge based on the dimension (M3).

For bulky items, sometimes the volumetric weight may be higher than the actual weight, and so we will charge based on cargo volumetric weight or product weight (whichever is higher).

How is the collection and delivery expected to be done?

After container clearance at the destination port, you can collect the goods from our local warehouse or we will help you arrange for delivery from our local warehouse to be sent to your address with reasonable charge.

Can the service guarantee confidentiality?

We will keep all information (Your vendor’s name, product information & others) as confidential.

Is the marine insurance covered?

We will help you purchase marine insurance after goods are being shipped out.

How do I cancel or stop my shipment?

You have 1 business day to cancel your shipment before the cut-off date for cargo delivery to Maha China warehouse. You will need to contact to request for the cancellation. If you would like to stop the shipment from reaching to the consignee beyond the grace period (E.g. your freight has been delivered to the origin port location), you will need to contact immediately.

What happens if there are delays or damages to my cargo after it has reached the destination port?

If your cargo is delayed or damaged, please contact directly for assistance so that an investigation can be carried out. We will contact you after the investigation has been completed and take appropriate actions.