Flooring Solutions

Our experience in polymeric flooring range from formulation to application. At MahaChem, we strive to provide the best flooring solutions to you if you are:

  • A Polymeric Flooring Manufacturer looking for a product replacement
  • An Applicator Company looking for a suitable product to be provided to the end users
Flooring Solutions MahaChem
Flooring Measurement MahaChem
Flooring Application MahaChem

What We Provide

Raw Materials

  • Epoxy resins and hardener
  • Solvent free polyurethane resins
  • Water based polyurethane resins
  • MMA resins
  • Additives
  • Pigment, filler and extenders

Analytical Instruments

  • Moisture meters

Technical Support

  • Formula optimization
  • Project supervisory and application assistance

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