MAHA's Culture / Values

At Maha, you will be exposed to a big family that works together to solve challenges as a team. The strong teamwork experienced will help you to make a perfect balance between your work and life, where you can foster friendship in the workplace. Working alongside with talented colleagues, who are genuinely committed to helping you learn and succeed, can allow you to maximize your future career potential!

MAHA's Culture

  • A strong collaborative culture that firmly prioritizes teamwork in achieving its mission and vision
  • A friendly and family-oriented work environment
  • Opportunities to further develop your passion and competencies related to your respective functions and areas of work
  • A supportive team that is open in communication, and encourages cross communication between countries
  • Providing everyone opportunity to express or share ideas or opinions, and discuss what is the best solutions or direction
  • Opportunities to interact and work together with partners and talented colleagues from different countries as MahaChem is a big international firm presence in ASEAN
  • Strong recognition of contributions of ideas (no matter big or small ideas)
  • A flexible management that gives a homely feel and without formal hierarchy

Corporate Values

The people of MahaChem continuously upgrade their skills and technology to build a body of knowledge and best practices through the following shared values (TRIP):

Team Spirit

  • Collaborate with one another to work towards a common goal together
  • Establish a strong team spirit within their country and also between colleagues from other countries


  • Recognise all contributions, no matter big or small
  • Brainstorm and discuss ideas together before settling for a commonly agreed direction
  • Platform to share ideas


  • Consistently commit to high standards- ethically, environmentally and socially
  • Do the right things and be honest and responsible to every action taken even when there are no one around to watch


  • Enthusiastically experiment with new and innovative ideas
  • Actively searching for rooms to simplify tedious processes
  • Positive mindset

Furthermore, to strengthen the brand-customer relationship, MahaChem places great importance on our brand personality. Our unique MAHA culture can be well-reflected by the four predominant traits of our people:

If you would like to work in an environment with friendly and fun colleagues of good character and have the opportunity to pursue your passion, do join us!


Has the drive to excel ownself and inspire others towards organizational mission / vision / core values


Willing to listen and/or share their knowledge and abilities with one another


Willingness to provide extra miles/sharing to others



Demonstrate “can do” attitude and desire or ambition of achieving goals