Learning Opportunities Offered

In congruence with our organization mission to enrich lives, MAHACHEM strongly encourage our people to foster lifelong learning and develop attitudes and habits that will place them at the top.

At MahaChem, our learning credo is aptly epitomized by the acronym ‘GOLF’ – Go On Learning Forever. Our learning programs are distinctively marked by an empowering belief that any individual has the power to unlock its potential and unleash the power to soar like wings on eagles. The underlying learning philosophy of “GOLF” that signifies the importance of empowering our people to gain work and life skills is what MAHA wants to achieve.

Maha Academy

To ensure that our people remain competent in what they do, we established the MAHA ACADEMY, our own in-house training and development online platform. Individuals can work on developing their knowledge through participating in MAHA ACADEMY ASK (Attitudes, Skills and Knowledge) Programs – Technical, Tactical and Project Management at their own time.

MAHA ACADEMY provides an extensive learning platform for self-driven individuals, with more than 50 courses available and offering over 100 sub-modules in total. These courses cater to different designation of work – ranging from the sales personnel to the accounting department – to further advance their competencies related to their respective functions and areas of work. For passionate individuals who intend to improve their work performance may use this learning opportunity to expand their knowledge.


In MahaChem there are supervisors and seniors, who are committed to provide constructive advices and suggestive feedbacks to fellow colleagues with the strong belief in that ‘everyone has his/her own strength’.

Seminars & Exhibitions Co-held with Suppliers

We actively collaborate with our supplier and organise technical seminar together to share our knowledge with interested learners’. Some key examples include:

Corporate Social Responsibility Program

MahaChem also places great focus on giving back to the society by actively engaging in Corporate Social Responsibility Program. We consistently introduce new environmental friendly projects and provide seminars and trainings to equip staffs with the updated skills and knowledge.

Some Examples include:

Internal Seminars & Webinars

We actively organise coaching sessions, such as seminars and webinars to facilitate the exchange of knowledge between the staffs, allowing the company to excel as one.

The seminars may cover the following:

  • Internal Trainings on Essential Tools / Devices
  • Product Trainings
  • Soft Skill Trainings