ELOTEX® SEAL 81: Water Repellent Additive for Mortars

ceramic floor

How are you dealing with customer who is looking for the water repellent solution for mortar?

There are different reasons why the customer may seek for water repellent solution for mortar, especially grout.

  1. Prevention of Moisture Penetration
  2. Reduction of Need to Constant Cleaning and Maintenance

Moisture penetration is the main cause of damage in building materials, and without water repllent used on the grout, one can easily spot mould growing on the grout in between floor tiles.

ceramic tiles with and without mould comparison

Our Solution: ELOTEX® SEAL 81

ELOTEX® SEAL 81 is a hydrophobic additive which can be uniformly distributed in the mortar matrix. It seals the pores in the mortar and creates a hydrophobic surface which prevents water penetration. Water will be evaporated more easily and the grouts will less likely have mould grown on them.

With and without Seal 81 - water repellent effect

Maha is the distributor of ELOTEX® products in Cambodia, Singapore, Indonesia and Sri Lanka.

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