Defoamer - Essential Additive in Paint Formulation

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What are Defoamers?

A defoamer is a chemical additive that destroys the formation of foam in liquids commonly used for industrial processes.

Anti-foam agents are frequently used interchangeably with defoamers due to their similarity in role. However, anti-foam agents are most commonly used as a pre-defoaming tool while a defoamer is used post-defoaming.

Another variation of defoamers includes air release agents that remove micro air bubbles from industrial liquids by helping these bubbles rise to the surface.

Why use a Defoamer?

Foams can pose serious problems, especially in industrial surroundings. Besides causing defects like craters, pinholes or fisheyes, on surface coatings, foam also increases the production time and reduces the efficiency of filling containers.

Control of foam is essential to ensure smooth and even appearance of paint films and coatings. However, foam can emerge using dispersing processes such as pumping, stirring or while applying paint coatings.

Hence, well-formulated defoamers or anti-foam agents are necessary to prevent the formation of these bubbles during production as well as post-production.

How should Defoamers be Formulated?

In paint formulation, defoamer accounts for about 0.5 – 1% by weight in the total formulation. Depending on the type and usage of paint, the anti-foam agent required varies.

Here are some common examples:

  • Flat paint or eggshell paint will normally use mineral oil-based defoamer
  • Gloss paint will normally use 2 kinds of defoamers
    • 1 – 0.3 % mineral oil-based defoamer in the grinding phase
    • 1 – 0.2% silicone-based defoamer in the letdown phase

The optimal proportion of anti-foaming agent for each paint type can be determined through experimental tests.The less defoamer needed to be added into the paint formulation, the better paint is with both cost and quality. If put exceedingly, the anti- foam agent can affect the performance of pain film.

What can Maha Offer?

A good and stable source of defoamer will help paint formulator be more leisured in daily production

Paint formulators should find a reliable source of defoamer from a reliable name in the market. This is the first step to maintain quality and stable of paint production.

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