ALKATERGE-E as Co-Dispersant

paint coating ink surface technology dispersant alkaterge-e

What is Alkaterge-E?

Alkaterge E is an ANGUS product with oxazoline chemistry and several other properties.

  • It is a low molecular weight compound.
  • It has N-group that have a high affinity for hydrophillic surfaces.
  • It is highly soluble in most organic liquids but has low solubility in water.
  • It is a brown liquid with amine odour.

chemical compound structure alkaterge e coating paint

Alkaterge-E in Coatings

In paints and ink, its main function as a co-dispersant is to achieve a superior dispersion and wetting of pigment. It can address the problem of severe flocculation in paints by providing good dispersion. Alkaterge-E also works well with most other dispersants. There are many advantages of using Alkaterge-E as co-dispersant:

  1. Enhances pigment dispersion level
  2. Grinding time reduction
  3. Preventing gelation of coating and inks
  4. Works both in water and solvent paint system

However, Alkaterge-E cannot be used as a sole dispersant. It reduces the dosage of the dispersant which can be very expensive and may reduce formulation cost. The ratio of dispersant to Alkaterge-E can be 4:1 or 2:1. Add 25-50% Alkaterge-E to dispersant. This is the optimal dosage that will give the same performance.

Other Use of Alkaterge-E

Alkaterge-E can also be used in the following application:

  • Salts and Soaps
  • Paper, Textiles and Metal Cleaners
  • Emulsion Stabilizer
  • Acid Acceptor
  • Antifoam Agent
  • Antioxidant

What can Maha Offer?

Looking to incorporate Alkaeterge-E into your paints and coating needs? Contact us today at to find out more! We offer a wide array of raw materials to support your printing and coating business.



Written by Jasmin from Maha Phillippines

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