Solution to Heat Island Effect: Total Solar Reflectance (TSR)

MahaChem Heat Island Effect

Are you familiar with heat island effect and its effects in our lives?

The air temperature at the city centre is higher than that of the surroundings non-urban areas. It looks like an island and therefore this phenomenon is called “HEAT ISLAND EFFECT”. This normally causes the room temperature to increase and force people to use air conditioner to cool down the room. The hot air generated by the air conditioner also contributed to the heat island effect.  Heat Island Effect attracted attention as it is a prominent environmental problem especially in urban area.

Hence, is there anything that can be done to solve this issue?

total solar reflectance TSR

Do you know Total Solar Reflectance (TSR)?

TSR(Total Solar Reflectance) is used to measure the reflection ability of the pigments. The reading of TSR is between 0 to 100%. The higher the number of TSR the lower the heat absorption. Different colours have different TSR values. For dark colour, the TSR is 15 to 35%. White is 70-75%. The new technology has improved the TSR of white to 88%. Oxide black with TSR of 21% can be used to replace carbon black with TSR of 10%. The colorants suppliers, Chromaflo and Clariant both carry a series of solar reflective colorants. Paint makers are encourage to use the solar reflective colorants in their exterior paints to reduce the heat emission to the environment.

Our Solutions

We are the distributor of Clariant colorants in Cambodia and Hanoi, and also the distributor of Chromaflo colorants in Singapore. Upon your request, we are able to share samples of these TSR colourants to you.

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