Tego 4100: Wetting Agent Without Foams

MahaChem Wetting Agent Tego 4100

Are you facing any issue when you use surfactant as it creates foam?

The traditional surface wetting agent is based on anionic surfactant chemistry. Anionic surfactant is very effective in reducing the surface tension but it also created foam. Is it possible to have a wetting agent without foam ?

Our Solution: Tego 4100

Tego Twin 4100 is a siloxane based Gemini surfactant. The silicone chemistry leads to an extraordinary low surface tension and it has non-foaming/defoaming properties.

Its advantages are :

  • Helps the deaeration effect
  • Improves wetting and decreases framing
  • Works as an anti-cratering agent
  • Improves flow and leveling
  • Works on extremely difficult substrates
  • 100% Active Material
  • Solvent-free
  • APEO-free
  • Isocyanate-free
  • Very low dosage required only (0.05 – 0.5%)

Tego Twin 4100 vs Other Wetting Agents

In overall, the differences between the Tego Twin 4100 (Siloxane-Gemini Surfactants) and other Wetting agents are as summarised as below.

Categories Organic-Gemini Surfactants Standard Siloxone Surfactants Siloxane-Gemini Surfactants
Substrate wetting on difficult substrates 0 ++ ++
Low Foaming ++ 0 ++
Anticrater Effect + ++ ++
Lowering of Surface Tension 0 + ++
Compatibility ++ ++ +

The products’ defoaming efficacy is more superior to the other wetting agents as well.

MahaChem Foam Heights of Tego Twin 4100

Also Tego Twin 4100 is more superior to other competitors’ products in terms of wetting on difficult subsrate.

MahaChem Wetting on Difficult Substrate

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