How to Improve Flow & Levelling Property of Water-Based Paints?

Maha Flow Levelling water based paint

How much do you understand about the flow & levelling properties of paints? Are you in need to improve them with economic solution?

Very often we hear about water based paint and the term “Flow & Levelling” in coating industry. But what exactly is “Flow & levelling”?

Levelling is the property of the coating to level the unevenness caused by roller or brush marks, whereas Flow is the movement of a coating during and after application and before the film is set up.

In the coating industry, solvent based paints usually has better flow & levelling than the water based paints. However, we can modify the flow & levelling property of the water-based paints to be matched with those of solvent-based paints with the addition of our additives. One of those is Tego® Glide 450.

Our Solution: Tego Glide 450

Tego® Glide 450 is a polyether siloxane copolymer. Universally applicable in water and solvent based paints. It improves flow & levelling, anti-crater and slip, and is re-coatable.

Efficacy of Tego Glide 450

The below example demonstrates the effect of Tego® Glide 450 on flow & levelling.

A 20% PVC water based emulsion paint showed obvious brush mark when applied by brush. The brush mark has reduced significantly when 0.3% of Tego® Glide 450 was added into the paint and the paint film appearance is closely matched to the solvent based alkyd enamel paint.

Maha Flow and levelling

What is your choice?

We are main distributor of Tego products in Singapore, Cambodia and Myanmar.

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