Solution to Common Problems in Waterborne Industrial Paint: ASE Thickener

ASE Thickener

Still having headache with finding the right thickener to achieve desired level of rheology?

In waterborne (WB) industrial paint, rheology is a very important factor in terms of handling and applyting paints. And the rheology is depends on the thickener that is used in the paint formulation.

We have observed from our existing WB industrial paint makers that they commonly face problems such as:

  • Excessive viscosity
  • Synersis & Sedimentation
  • Bad Resistance
  • Sedimentation before Spray
  • Sagging

Are you facing these problems? What could be the possible solution to this?

common problems in wb industrial paint

Have you heard about ASE Thickener?

ASE (Alkali soluble emulsion polyacrylate) is normally being applied as a thickener in water-based coatings. This tend to be active at high pH level and
they are steeply shear-thinning and suitable to high-viscosity, thick-film applications such as caulks, mastics, EIFS finishes, driveway sealers and craft paints.

Among the ASE thickeners that we are holding, we normally recommend THIXOL 53L, an unique acrylic thickener, which has the following features:

  • 30% active, easy to handle
  • Thickening in water and self-association
  • Unique hydrophobic modification, self-association, provide strong low shear viscosity and good anti-sagging performance
  • Good thixotrophy
  • Good sprayability
Thixol 53L vs Competitor

Efficacy of Thixol 53L

We have tested the efficacy of Thixol 53L by the following test method:

  1. 100% thinned by de-ionized water
  2. Soak the steel panels in the paint
  3. Take them out and keep them vertical
  4. Compare after 5 minutes

The result showed that Thixol 53L maintained  a good paint homogenity after the dilution with no settling like the following:

Efficacy of Thixol 53L
Results Thixol 53L ASE HASE
Dosage (%) 1.5 1.12 1.1
KU (initial) 72.2 75 76.6
KU (overnight) 85 87.7 83.5
6 rpm 18400 10333 5200
60 rpm 2560 1947 1880
KU (100% thinned) 52.1 52.4 49.4

Example of Our Pearlescent Paint Formulation & Test Results

Our recommended formulation is as given below:

Function Raw Material % wt Condition
Water DIW 37 Pre-mix and add into pre-mix pearlescent pigment
Emulsion Encor 2750 35
Coatex Thickener Thixol 53L 1.5
pH Adjuster MA-95 0.4
Co-solvent BG 10 Pre-mix and stir well
Co-solvent DPNB 1.7
Pearlescent Pigment Golden Pearl KC300 6.7
Water DIW 6.3 Post Adjustment
pH Adjuster MA-95 0.4
Coatex Thickener Thixol 53L 0.2
Water DIW 0.8
pH > 8.5
Total % 100

And the stability test result of the formulation was as given below:

Storage Stability Parameter Test Result
Thixol 53L Dosage % 1.7
Initial pH 8.6
KU 64.3
Overnight KU 62.8
T-4 cup/s 40
1 week@50℃ pH 8.4
KU 60.9
T-4 cup/s 36
Status no Synerisis
2 week@50℃ pH 8.3
KU 59.1
T-4 cup/s 35
Status no Synerisis

Are you interested to test out this brilliant thickener? Please contact us via email.

Other Alternatives

We also have wide range of HEC, ASE, Hase & HEUR thickener to serve you in WB paint application. You can choose the kind of thickener based on your needs, which can be referred from the table given below:

Categories HEC Thickener ASE Thickener HASE Thickener HEUR Thickener
cost in use ++++ ++++ +++ ++
Flow & leveling + ++ +++ ++++
Film build + ++ +++ ++++
Spatter resistance + ++ +++ ++++
Gloss development + ++ +++ ++++
Smooth application properties + ++ +++ ++++
Water senstivity + ++ +++ ++++
Biological stability ++ ++++ ++++ ++++
Viscosity loss upon tinting ++++ ++++ ++++ +
Sensitive raw material changing ++++ ++++ ++++ +
Sensitive to pH ++ + + ++++
Syneresis +++ ++++ +++ ++
Sag resistance & anti-settling ++++ ++++ +++ ++
Boad range of rheology profile + + ++++ ++++

We also have wide range of HEC, ASE, Hase & HEUR thickener to serve you in WB paint application.

If you want to find more about this, please refer to our other thickeners from below link.

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