TiO2 Spacer – Hydrous kaolin

Hydrous kaolin is a naturally occurring hydrated aluminum silicate mineral.Small particle size (< 0.5 micron) hydrous kaolin is effective in preventing crowding of TiO2 (Titanium dioxide) due to its lamella or platy particle shape. We called it TiO2 spacer.

Hydrite® UF 90

Hydrite® UF 90 from Imerys is with particle size of 0.2 micron. It is a good spacer for TiO2. The colour is much less yellow as compared to normal kaolin clay thus contributes to the whiteness of white paints.

TiO2 Spacer Hydrous Kaolin
Product Name Application TDS MSDS
Hydrite® UF 90 Architectural Coating
Powder Coatings
Tinting Paste
Wood Coatings
Thermoplastic Elastomers
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