Improve by Coating Performance with Multi-Purpose Amine: AMP 95

Do you need a total care solution for your paint product's lifecycle?

AMP-95® is the only VOC-exempt amine-based neutralizer on the market.

The benefits of AMP-95® include improvements in pigment dispersion, reduction of other components, including primary dispersants and glycols, as well as optimization of other ingredient levels to maximize performance and minimize costs.

To achieve the full range of AMP-95’s benefits requires some reformulation, which should be easy to accomplish :

  • Incorporate 0.1-0.2% AMP-95 (on pigment solids) in the grind, and as needed during let-down to adjust pH
  • Reduce dispersant up to 25%
  • Reduce wetting agents up to 25%
  • Reduce glycols up to 10%

Optimization of dispersant, wetting agent and glycols will result in performance benefits such as better water and scrub resistance.

Below photo shows the dispersing power of AMP 95 versus MEA.

Multi-Purpose Amine: AMP 95

AMP’s Zero- VOC Benefits in All Lifecycle Stages

Manufacture Processing/Paint Shelf Life Application Film Integrity & Performance
  • Dispersion: increased grind efficiency improving pigment
  • Neutralization: efficiency and low odour, worker friendly
  • Enhanced thickener performance
  • Enhanced safety: good environmental, health and safety profile
  • Optimization of formulation components
  • pH stability
  • Viscosity stability and paint uniformity
  • Enhanced biocide performance
  • Good environmental, health and safety profile
  • Low odour
  • Maintains rheological performance
  • Improved film integrity
  • Improved gloss and scrub performance
  • Reduced water sensitivity and water uptake

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