Cost-effective Defoamers with Excellent Performance : Cherox 620 & Brilax 500W

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Are you looking for a low cost defoamer with excellent performance for water based emulsion paints ?

We have conducted a test on a number of defoamers and compared their performance in water based emulsion paint formulation. The test details are as given as below.

Defoamer Samples

Product Name Chemistry Supplier
Sample A Silicone Emulsion Others
Sample B Silicone Emulsion with Fume Silica Others
Cherox 620 Silicone Free Silitex
Brilax 500W Silicone Emulsion Silitex

Test Procedure

Step 1 : Weigh 50 gm of reference paint (without defoamer).
Step 2 : Use cowles mixer to mix the paint for one minute at 3000 rpm
Step 3 : Immediately pour 45 gm of the mixed paint into a measuring cylinder and record the volume of paint.
Step 4 : Weigh 50 gm of the reference paint and add 0.2 gm of defoamer. Repeat step 2 an 3. (Do the same to the rest of defoamer samples)

Test Results

defoamers test result

The test results showed that Cherox 620 and Brilax 500W performed equal or better than defoamers, sample A and B.

Please contact us for more details, if you are interested in these products.

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