Environmental Impact of Chrome & Chrome-free Green Pigment

The Launch of new Hybrid Green Pigment to deal with environmental issue of Chrome

grass with Chrome-free green pigment

We, as a specialty chemicals distributor, which is driven by the spirit of market innovation, have recently launched a new grade of environmental friendly green pigment, Hybrid Green H50, in replacement for Kowa Green 533, a chrome containing green pigment.

Kowa green used to be bought by the different golf courses in Singapore to maintain its greenery for the pit. However, the continuous usage of the product may result in several harmful effects.

Chrome is considered toxic in general. Some of the kinds can result in cancer, severe skin rash, or other serious symptoms to humans. Also it can cause groundwater contamination.

However, Hybrid Pigments are eco-friendly pigments as these are free of lead and chrome. If these are used for the greenery of golf courses, the environment will become more sustainable, and cause no harm to people for long run.

As such, we decided to launch the chrome free version in 2018 and till date, it is widely accepted by our customers.

If you are interested and willing to learn more about the product, please contact us via email through button below.

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