Fillers used in Emulsion Paints

Fillers are commonly used in emulsion paints to increase the solid content, cheapen the cost and adjust the hiding power.

Below are the three common types of filler used.

  1. Calcium carbonate
  2. Kaolin clay
  3. Calcined clay (Maha brand is CK-80)

Have you ever seen the colour of fillers? Below are the photos comparing TioSTAR R-802, Maha CK-80, Kaolin clay(Akima 35) and Heavy Calcium carbonate(Particle size 8 micron).

comparison of Fillers in Emulsion Paints

You can see that the Maha CK-80 is weaker in wet opacity but very good hiding after it is dried so it is usually being used to replace part of Titanium dioxide to cheapen the cost of paints. CK-80 is very hydrophobic and it should not be used more than 10% in total formulation. Kaolin clay(Akima 35) is yellowish in colour so it will affect the colour of white paints. Heavy calcium carbonate(8 micron) is the poorest in opacity and it can be used to reduce the paint opacity for formulating the tinting base of deep tone colours.

MahaChem can offer these alternatives to you. If you are interested, please refer to product information provided below:

Titanium dioxide white pigment, non-toxic, chemically inactive, surface treated with zirconium and aluminium compunds and modified with organic compounds. The product has good whiteness, gloss, hiding power, good dispersibility and excellent weather resistance.
Dehydroxylated aluminium silicate

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