Thickeners & Thickening Mechanisms for water based emulsion paints

Thickeners and Thickening Mechanism for Water Based Emulsion Paints

The below table is an overview of common thickeners used in water based emulsion paints.Maha is the distributor of Bermocoll (AkzoNobel), Rheotech (Arkema Coatex) and Adeka NOL(Adeka) thickeners.

Types Chemical Name Thickening Mechanism Brand Name Supplier
Powder Thickener
HEC Hydroxyl Ethyl Cellulose Non-associative Cellosize, Natrosol Dow, Ashland
HM-HEC Hydrophobically modified HEC Associative Natrosol Ashland
ME-HEC Methyl Ethyl Hydroxyethyl Cellulose Non-Associative Bermocoll EBM and Prime Series Nouryon
HM-EHEC Hydrophobically modified EHEC Associative Bermocoll EHM Series Nouryon
Liquid Thickener
ASE Alkali Swellable Emulsion Non-associative Acrysol ASE-60 Dow
HASE Hydrophobic alkali-swellable Emulsion Associative Rheotech, Acrysol Arkema Coatex, Dow
HEUR (PU Thickener) Hydrophobically modified ethoxylate Urethane Associative Adeka NOL, Acrysol Adeka, Dow
Polyether Polyol Polyether Polyol-based Associative Thickener Associative Rheotech Elements

Thickening mechanism

– In non-associative thickening mechanism, the thickening efficiency is based on the molecular weight of the thickener. High molecular weight thickener gives high thickening efficiency.

Non-associative thickening

– In associative thickening mechanism, the thickening efficiency is not only come from the molecular weight of the thickener but also come from the interaction of the hydrophobic groups in the thickener with the paint raw materials such as latex, pigment, surfactant, dispersant etc. A hydrophobic latex such as styrene acrylic will have stronger interaction with associative thickener than a hydrophilic latex such as vinyl acrylic. A stronger interaction will lead to higher paint viscosity so we required less associative thickener for styrene acrylic paint as compared to vinyl acrylic paint.

Thickeners & Thickening Mechanisms

Our Products

Some of our products with the thickening mechanisms may include:

Product Name Application
Bermocoll EBM 8000 Emulsion Paints
Bermocoll EHM 300 Emulsion Paints
Bermocoll Prime 3500 Emulsion Paints
Bermocoll Prime 2500 Emulsion Paints
Bermocoll EHM Extra Emulsion Paints
Bermocoll EHM 200 Emulsion Paints
Rheotech 3800 Emulsion Paints
Coapur 3020 Emulsion Paints
Adeka NOL UH-450VF Emulsion Paints
Adeka NOL UH-420 Emulsion Paints
Adeka NOL UH-756VF Emulsion Paints

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