Mid-Autumn Festival Celebration and some Cocktails

Mid-Autumn Festival Celebration

This month, we celebrated Mid-Autumn Festival with a cocktail party in MCA, Singapore!

Alcohol and pizza

It was really kind of Seow Hoon to open up her house and providing us with all the ingredients and items for making a splendid cocktail. Everyone had a chance to make their own cocktail, be it being a simple one, or a fancy one with little decors like cut strawberries or lemon slices!

Cocktail mixing in progress

We also discovered our hidden talent, who is Karen, as she turned out to be a master in mixing aesthetic and tasty cocktails!

mid-autumn festival celebration

Overall it was a fun bonding over drinks, pizza, and fried beehoon, as we all gathered as one big family for Mid-Autumn Festival!

Check out some of the cocktails here:

Our Cocktails

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