Sophia Xie

MahaChem’s vision is to be preferred partner to its stakeholders. And the stakeholders include its internal partners (our colleagues) that support each other.

Sophia, who is currently working with Maha as a Regional Customer Care Manager, was interviewed to share about her and her experience in Maha.

My Maha Experience

I got my first job in MahaChem after I graduated as a master student in Singapore. I started my journey in MahaChem since 2012 and I have spent six years working in customer care department. I have been given a lot of challenging tasks, but through them I managed to develop extensive skills. It has been quite exciting to have such opportunities and experience in MahaChem.

My Passion

One of my greatest passions is helping other, and is able to use the knowledge that I learnt during the work. MahaChem has provided me a good environment and opportunities to ignite my passion. During the work, I always feel happy that I am able to helping others by finding solutions for them or give them my suggestions when the problem comes in.

Exciting Moment with Maha

It was my first time attend company annual meeting “MMB –Make Maha Better”, during this meeting, I got to know my colleagues who are working in different countries and is able to hear their sharing experience and year-end summaries, this is also a good opportunity for us to know each other and enhance our relationship lead to better cooperation in future work.

Final Thought

MahaChem is a leading specialty chemical distributor in ASEAN countries with group of talented people, flexible environment, and challenging tasks. With my few years working experience in MahaChem, I am confident to tell that MahaChem management always appreciate a hardworking people.

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