Success Story: Helping customer to make a mild and effective baby care line

Success Story lauryl glucoside thailand

Our customer, a local personal care product manufacturer in Thailand, was looking for mild and yet effective surfactant for baby care products. MahaChem provided the solution that meets the requirement.

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Our customer is a local manufacturer in Thailand, which invests much resources in developing the baby care products. Due to the support from the local sales and operation team, the manufacturer adopted our innovative solutions.


Among the solutions we offered to them is WQ1200LG, a lauryl glucoside grade that is categorized as nonionic mild and readily biodegradable surfactant.


Customer had challenges in finding mild yet effective and affordable surfactant.


Our local sales team managed to convince customer to try our Lauryl Glucoside which is certified with COSMOS and also REACH compliant.


After the efficacy study, Lauryl Glucoside shows good cleansing with rich foam and great mildness, compared to other mild surfactants.

If you want to be part of this success story, find out more about our solutions below.

Nonionic mild and readily biodegradable surfactant

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