Propionibacterium Acne & Solution to Remove it


What is p.acne? How to get rid of it?

What is propionibacterium acne (p.acne)? It is the key bacteria to Acne formation and Skin inflammation. If it is not carefully treated, it can lead to permanent scarring!

Asians are typically more susceptible to acne outbreaks. Why is this the case?

  • They live in generally warm climate
  • As a result, skin produces more oil
  • The oil /sebum offer a habitat for acne bacteria to grow and cause outbreaks in the form of reddening or bumps

Common anti-acne agents available in the market include Benzoyl peroxide, Resveratrol and Salicylic acid. But these are only effective for mild Acne and they might have side effects. For instance, Benzoyl peroxide in skin care products can result in dry and sensitive skin.

So is there more affordable and effective alternative?

Our Solution: NAPA-I Peptides

NAPA-I peptide is the combination of anti-inflammatory tetrapeptide-44 (natural occurring peptide) originated from fermented bean paste, and two natural antimicrobial extracts:

Product Name INCI name Application
Phellodendron Amurense Bark extract Phellodendron Amurense Bark extract Anti-Inflammation
Paeonia suffruticosa Root extract Paeonia suffruticosa Root extract Anti-Inflammation

NAPA-I peptide is unique compared to the substitutes available in the market because of the following traits of the solution:

  • Patented in Korea
  • Suitable for Mild and Severe acne conditions
  • Multi-functional: Anti-acne and Anti-inflammatory properties
  • Excellent anti-inflammatory efficacy: Natural ingredients are synergized with peptides, which improves the penetration of active ingredients
  • Results shown in 4 weeks with low dosage used
  • The efficacy of NAPA-I has been verified by The Journal of Nutrition:
Anti-Inflammatory and Anti-Acne solution: Patented NAPA-I peptides

Tests & Studies on NAPA-i

According to the paper disc test, NAPA-I is capable of inhibiting the growth of Acne strains by 2.5cm with only 1mg/gl used. Furthermore, comparing NAPA-I with natural products 1, 5-8, NAPA-I only require 0.25 mg/gl for an observable results.

Anti-Inflammatory and Anti-Acne solution: Patented NAPA-I peptides

According to the inhibition test, NAPA-I inhibits the production of LPS-induced NO in Raw264.7 cells more effectively than pure peptide (AFPG) at low concentrations.

Anti-Inflammatory and Anti-Acne solution: Patented NAPA-I peptides

*Raw264.7: Mouse Macrophage Cell Line

**Nitric oxide (NO) is an important molecule for host defense response against various pathogens such as bacteria, viruses, fungi, and parasites. Overproduction of NO induces tissue damage associated with acute and chronic inflammation.

According to the toxicity test, the cell viability remained constant when NAPA-I was tested with HACAT and 3T3 cells. Hence, NAPA-I is non-toxic to human skin

Anti-Inflammatory and Anti-Acne solution: Patented NAPA-I peptides

HACAT: Human Keratinocyte Cell Line  3T3: Mouse Fibroblast Cell Line

In-Vivo Test Results

In order to test the efficacy of NAPA-I Peptide, our supplier conducted an in-vivo test against 20 participants in the age range from 18 to 40s with the dosage level 10%. The test was conducted for 4 weeks, and the result is as you can see from the following:

Anti-Inflammatory and Anti-Acne solution: Patented NAPA-I peptides
Anti-Inflammatory and Anti-Acne solution: Patented NAPA-I peptides
NAPA-I results

Are you interested in our solution?

If this is the p.acne solution that you are looking for, kindly view details about our product from the link provided below.

A patented anti-acne mixture with anti-inflammation peptide and antimicrobial extracts.

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