The Most Compatible Thickener to Glutamate Surfactants: Thickmate A

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Are you having problem to thicken Amino Acid Surfactants?

Compatible Thickener to amino acid surfactants

Due to the high demand for sulfate free products, amino acid surfactants have become one of the popular choices.  Especially, glutamate, a kind of amino acid surfactants,  is a 100% natural water-saving amino acid surfactant, which is mild and suitable for sensitive skin.

However, many were hesitant to use glutamate as primary surfactants, because the surfactant is extremely difficult to be thickened due to its unique molecular structure. Why is this the case?

Halal Certified Thickener: THICKMATE A
  • Glutamate surfactant is unique as it contains a relatively large hydrophilic head with two carboxylate radicals and small hydrophobic tail.
  • Big hydrophilic head prevent the increase of packing parameter
  • Easy to form spherical micelle (when parameter is smaller than 1/3), not rod-like micelles, warm-like micelles and etc.

Various special polymers have been used to improve the viscosity of the surfactant system. However, they often resulted in undesirable sensory attributes and poor foaming effect. Hence, it is obvious that many formulators found developing an affordable non-polymer thickening solution is the most desirable option to them.

How to overcome such issues involved in the natural amino acid surfactants?

Our Solution: Thickmate A

Thickmate A is a thickener & co-surfactant for glutamate surfactants and other amino acid surfactants with the following specification:

Trade name Specification
Appearance (25 ℃) Slight yellowish to amber, clear to slight turbid liquid
pH(25 ℃) 7.0-9.0
Color(Gardner) 8 Max
Solids (%) 47.0-51.0
Viscosity(As is, 20~25 ℃,mPa.s) 3500 Max
Use Level (%) 10-22

Application: Sulfate-Free Body Wash; Hair Shampoo; Facial Cleansers; Hand Cleansers; Baby Head to-Toe Cleanser; Feminine Wash, Dish Detergent; Carpet Cleaners; Home Cleaners; Dairy Cleaners; DIY products; Spa/Salon Products; all cleansing products

Patent: Patent pending

Unique Value Proposition of Thickmate A

Thickmate A is special compared to other alternatives because it is:

  • Halal Certified
  • Highly compatible and Excellent stability with Glutamate
  • PEG-free, EO & PO-free, Polymer-free, Sulfate-free Surfactant Blends
  • Easily comply with Natural Product for Personal Care per NPA (Natural Product Association) rules
  • Capable of self-thickening with adjustment of pH within 4.8-5.8
  • Easy to thicken even in cold process

Formulation guides

Self-thickening Glutamate Conditioning Shampoo (Silicone-free, Oil-free, Sulfate-free)

A Eversoft UCS 50SG Primary Surfactant Disodium Cocoyl Glutamate SINO LION 24.0
A EverLipid EFA Mild Emollient Linoleamidopropyl PG-Dimonium Chloride Phosphate SINO LION 0.5
A EverSmooth LC-HC01 Conditioner Behenamidopropyl Dimethylamine, Stearamidopropyl Dimethylamine, Cetearyl Alcohol SINO LION 1.0
A EverQuat 22P Conditioner Behenamidopropyl PG-Dimonium Chloride Phosphate SINO LION 0.5
A Glycol Distearate Pearling Agent Glycol Distearate 1.5
A Deionized Water Deionized Water To 100
B Thickmate A Thickener Sino Lion Proprietory Blend SINO LION 18.0
C Citric Acid (50%) pH Adjuster Citric Acid q.s
Total 100


  1. Mix Phase A at 80℃ with agitation until uniform
  2. Cool to room temperature with agitation, add Phase B and mix until uniform
  3. Add Phase C gradually with agitation until the formulation becomes visually thick, measure pH and viscosity when the desired viscosity is reached.

End product appearance

Appearance Slight Yellow Pearlescent Fluid
pH 5.03-5.15
Viscosity, cps 10 000- 13 000 mPa.s (25℃, Brookfield RVT, 20rpm, 5#spindle)

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Thickening Companion & Co-Surfactant for Glutamate Surfactants

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