Natural Biodegradable Hydrogel: Maha AquaFlor Series

MahaChem AquaFlor Series

Moving towards Zero Waste, are you part of the clean beauty campaign?

Since last year, many of skin care products companies are moving towards biodegradable and natural products. This is to reduce pollution and wastage for a more sustainable environment. Apart from protecting the environment, using a greener skin care product helps to improve skin condition better and look healthier. Most of the companies uses Natural plants such as flowers, leafs and seeds in cosmetic products in approaching clean beauty. However, using raw products such as dried flower and seeds in manufacturing process causes variation in batch to batch quality and introduces harmful substances in the product. Harmful substances include, pesticide residue. Also, it is going to be a complicated process. To minimize the complicated process and reduction in harmful chemicals, Maha AquaFlor integrates Natural hydrogel in facial and body products. Maha AquaFlor products has been successfully introduced in Korea and Japan Markets and well received by customers. With the success in Korea and Japan Markets, Maha AquaFlor products are getting popular in SEA.

What is Maha AquaFlor?

MahaChem AquaFlor Series

Maha AquaFlor is a hydrogel system of cross-linked polymer with 3D network structure. It is a natural polysaccharide obtained from marine algae and can be used in Masks and Shower Gel.

So, what is so good about Maha AquaFlor?

Hydrogel is an excellent moisturizer which is completely absorbed by our skin when applied and no waste generated after usage. It is easy to incorporate into products with excellent stability. As Maha AquaFlor is biodegradable, it is more environmental friendly.

1. Encapsulated carriers / visualisation

Maha AquaFlor series contain encapsulated carriers that encapsulate Lipids, Perfume and essential oils and active ingredients. The presence of lipids helps in better penetration of actives and improve skin texture. Perfume and essential oils encapsulation prevent volatilization and control the releasing of perfume for a long lasting effect. Additionally, Maha AquaFlor series has strong visual impact, come with different shapes and color for easy identification.

2. Efficacy

Efficacy means the minimum concentration required to bring about positive response to our skin. As Maha AquaFlor series contain Alginate, a natural polysaccharides in brown algas which absorbs heavy metals through Carboxyl and Metal ion reaction. Polysaccharides play an important role in biological activity of human dermis which help our skin to absorb water and protect the loss of skin moisture. Also, Maha AquaFlor series contained anti-aging and firming peptides, it makes our skin feel tighter and having Anti-oxidant effect. Polysaccharides contain hydroxyl group which capture ROS from peroxidation of lipids, slow down peroxidation of lipids and give Anti-oxidant effect.

List of Actives tested*
Perfume / Fragrance
Rose essential oil, Lavender essential oil and Rosemary essential oil
Shea butter, Macadamia oil, Phytosterol derivatives, Jojoba oil, silicone oil
Vitamin E, Coenzyme Q10, Menthol and derivatives, Sodium Hyaluronate, glucan

Example of hydrogel made by Maha AquaFlor

MahaChem AquaFlor Series
Series Types Introduction Appearance Product Applications
Rinse Off Rinse Off
  • Soft Gel particle
  • For daily use
  • Painless
  • Deep Cleansing
  • Multiple shape (can be customized)
Petal, Flower, Snowflake, Heart, Fruit Pulp, Leaf, Seaweed, Irregular, particle Facial Wash, Body Wash, Shampoo
Skincare Skincare
  • Encapsulate multiple actives (including plant oil, essence, essence oil and active which are not easily dissolve in oil and water
  • Can be spread evenly on skin
  • Multiple shape (can be customized)
  • Natural, hydrating, skin-friendly
  • The smell is gentle, long-lasting for Non-alcoholic perfume / Body Mist
Petal, Flower, Snowflake, Heart, Fruit Pulp, Leaf, Seaweed, Irregular particles Lotion, Serum, Sleeping Mask, Non-alcoholic perfume / Body Mist, Cream, Toner, Toothpaste, etc
Soluble Series Soluble Series
  • Multiple shape (can be customized)
  • Add soluble liquid before using, shake and leave it for 3-5 minutes and it will melt automatically.
Seaweed, Heart, Petal, etc. Toner, Serum

Formulation Guidelines

  • Recommended mixing speed in production should be less than 20 RPM
  • Recommended mixing speed for lab testing should be less than 100 RPM
  • Remove the protective fluid before adding the petals as it might affect opacity and viscosity
  • For rinse off application, CAPB can helps to disperse the petals more quickly and evenly, reducing stirring as it might destroy the shape of petals. Recommended ratio for CAPB and Petal is 1:1.
  • Stop stirring when it is homogeneous, preferably stir the mixtures less than 5 minutes.

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