Quality Anti-Aging Peptides : Hexapeptide Palmitate-67

Hexapeptide Palmitate-67

If there is an anti-aging peptide that is cost-efficient, what will you do?

We introduced a NSC based peptide synthesis previously. Due to such amazing technology, we have a number of quality products that can be introduced proudly. For these details, please refer from the following link:

Among the products, one of the most outstanding anti-aging agent is Hexapeptide Palmitate-67 (PermPEP).

Palmitoyl acid is one of the fatty acids that are chemically bonded to a peptide. It is composed of six amino acids and repetitive structure of three amino acids consisting of high purity tripeptide. Its key efficacy lies in anti-aging and anti-wrinkle.

Mechanism of Hexapeptide Palmitate-67

As two basic membrane collagens, Human Collagen IV and XVII analogues, they help skin regeneration by repairing damaged cells. It is effective for skin regeneration by attaching to palmitoyl groups. It reduces skin irritation and improves wrinkles significantly by increasing the production of collagen and elastin.

mechanism of Hexapeptide Palmitate-67

It is proven that Hexapeptide Palmitate-67 is effective in regeneration an wrinkle and scarring improvement as the following evidences show:

skin regeneration result

Hexapeptide Palmitate-67 helps proliferation of two kinds of skin cells and demonstrates excellent skin regeneration.

proliferation result

It is demonstrated that there is more MMP-1 inhibitory effect at a lower concentration than that of retinol, demonstrating excellent efficacy in improving wrinkles.

Even the clinical study was conducted to people of age 40s to 50s for 4 weeks to test the effect of Hexapeptide Palmitate-67 on improving periorbital wrinkle. The result shows that the product was effective for improving thick wrinkles.

Hexapeptide Palmitate-67 clinical test result

What is your choice?

Is there any other preservative that does not only have multiple quality efficacy but also great stability? If you are interested and willing to learn more about the product or request for the sample, please contact via the button below.

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