Why Fermented Ingredients are Crucial to Korean Skin Care?

Fermented Ingredients Skin Care Cream

Discover the process by which fermented skin care products go through in Korea and why they are some of the best products for experiencing quick and amazing results.

Fermented ingredients are at the heart of Korean skin care. But how exactly do they improve our skin?

What is the fermentation process and how does it benefit our skin?

Fermentation process involves adding microorganisms like bacteria into natural ingredients used in skin care products. The microorganisms release enzymes that break down the molecules into the raw materials, which then create new substances that benefit your skin.

In overall, there are three benefits that can be experienced from using products with fermentation process involved:

1. Fermentation helps active ingredients to penetrate into the skin better.

Normally, your skin cannot easily absorb the active ingredients from skin care products. This is because their molecular sizes are too large. However, fermentation, which breaks down the molecules into the smaller particles, enable the actives to be absorbed into the skin easier.

2. Fermentation reduces the chance of skin irritation.

Some natural raw ingredients contain toxic substances like heavy metals and pesticides that irritate the skin. The fermentation process neutralizes these substances, making the product safer, milder, and suitable for sensitive skin types. On top of that, fermentation using yeast can lead to the creation of special substances that prevent the synthesis of harmful microorganisms, that can damage skin.

3. Fermentation creates new skin-benefiting substances.

The fermentation can create new amino acids, organic acids and antioxidants that can hydrate and nourish the skin.

With the help of fermentation, natural ingredients often used in cosmetics—like milk, vegetables, and herbs—can experience an increase in the amount of nutrients. This synergy can benefit the skin to be healthier as a result.

MahaChem Bio-Fermented Actives

One of the products that used fermented ingredients is Starskin 7-Second Morning Mask from Starskin Beauty. Starskin is a Korean Top Innovation brand, due to its use of ingredients in Biofermented actives. It contains Aureobasidium pullulans ferment, Lactobacillus/soybean ferment extract and Lactobacillus/Millk ferment extract that moisturize skin and improve the skin elasticity.

Using fermented products is an excellent way to hydrate and nourish the skin without worrying about skin irritation (though you should always conduct patch test in order to make sure). The vitamins and antioxidants that are created during the fermentation process can strengthen skin barrier and improve skin health.

MahaChem also has a range of such products. If you are interested in these products, please contact us via email.

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