The Brand New Non-Ionic Surfactant : Alkyl Polyglucoside

alkyl polyglucoside foam

Alkyl polyglucoside (APG) is made from natural fatty alcohols and glucose derived from renewable plants.


  1. Low surface tension, strong detergency
  2. High solubility in concentrated alkaline solutions and other electrolytes and will solubilize other less soluble ingredients
  3. Good compatibility with all other types of surfactants and synergistic effects can be found. It can imporve the mildness of formulations significantly
  4. Produces rich and stable foam. (Foam Height: GB/7462-1994) Non-toxic, non-irritating to skin, readily biodegradable. (Even safe for infant and pregnant woman)


APG can be used in the following areas:

  • Personal Care Products (eg. Body wash, Shampoo, Facial Wash etc)
  • Household Products (eg. Detergent, Dishwashing Liquid, Household Cleaners etc)
  • Industrial Products (eg. Cleaning hard surface like metals and iron sheets, scouring agents in textile industry, Oil Recovery, Pesticide Emulsion etc)

Basic Data

Items Foam Height / mL Alkaline Resistance g/L Wetting Property Surface Tension CMC TDS MSDS
30s 3min 5min NaOH (DW) mN/m mg/L
APG0810 540 490 440 640 2.3S 26.2 823.8 link
APG1214 440 420 405 13.2S 27.1 33.5 link link
APG0814 530 510 500 590 5.2S 27.1 40.9 link link

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