Aquacal+: Solution for Shrimp Farming

Water & Pond Conditioner / Yield Booster for Prawn & Fish Culture

AquaCal+ MahaChem

AQUA-Cal+TM is a non-toxic, non-corrosive, safe, environmentally friendly and meets many core needs in aquaculture.

The unique properties of AQUA-Cal+TM arise from the formation and optimisation of reactive superoxide species in our magnesium hydroxide particles, as well as enhanced calcium, from Calix’s unique CFC technology. These special features work with the well-established acid neutralisation and water clarification properties of Magnesium Hydroxide Liquids to provide an enhanced environment for aquaculture.

For more information on the properties of AQUA-Cal+TM properties, visit the Calix website.


  • Vannamei and P.Monodon shrimp culture in both lined and earthen ponds
  • Fin fish culture in both fresh & brackish water ponds


  • Stabilizes water pH
  • Stabilizes and enhances alkalinity
  • Maintain high survival rate = high yield
  • Reduces ammonia, nitrite and hydrogen sulphide significantly
  • Rapid settlement of suspended solids
  • Precipitate iron and other heavy metal
  • Increases phytoplankton
  • Improves pond bottom sludge digestion


Aquacal+ packaging
Aquacal+ packaging

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