Maha Chemicals I Mixed Martial Arts Testimonial

Lumenizer 300 Deployed at Local Gym (IMMA)

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Ever since Covid-19 started in 2020, creating a clean and sanitized indoor environment has always been of utmost importance for businesses within Singapore. Singapore has implemented many different changes to the rules on group gatherings. It affected many small businesses and gyms around our island. I Mixed Martial Arts (IMMA) is one of many that got affected by these changes. IMMA did well to brave through the difficult times of coming in and out of circuit breaker phases 1 and 2. They pivoted their sessions and started conducting their class outdoors in open areas. They also took it to themselves to disinfect their gym before and after classes.

IMMA keeping up with the trend

Recently, they began exploring other innovative solutions to keep their gym safe indoors! IMMA immediately engaged Maha Chemicals when they learned 200 units of Lumenizer 300 were deployed in the Tokyo Olympics to keep competing athletes safe.

“We are glad to have the opportunity to use Lumenizer 300 in the Gym. It provides both our staff and customers a peace of mind when training here. This will go a long way in our fight against Covid-19. We feel it is our job to ensure the safety of all our gym members and hope others will do their part in the fight against this pandemic.” Said Mark Lim – Co-owner of IMMA.

IMMA lumenizer
lumenizer gym

Uses of Lumenizer 300

Lumenizer 300 uses 222nm Filtered Far-UVC is scientifically proven by the research of Dr. David Brenner of Columbia University. Filter Far-UVC light proved effective in inactivate viruses, bacteria, mold, and spores in everyday spaces SAFELY while people are present. These properties of the Lumenizer serve as a perfect device for automated disinfection to air and surface in high traffic areas such as hotels, F&B, offices, hospitals, and airports. The acceptance of this product at a local gym shows that the usability of this product is not limited to large corporations. Local small business owners can also take up the initiative to protect their operating space.

More on Filtered-UVC light here

Doing our best to keep everyone safe

From all of us at Maha Chemicals, we are proud to have the opportunity to assist IMMA with keeping their gym sanitized and safe during this period. In our efforts to create a clean and sanitized environment indoors, Maha Chemicals is willing to deploy a LIMITED number of units for FREE in Singapore! These units should be deployed at strategic locations indoors for effective sanitization.

To know more about this opportunity please contact –

Stay safe with Lumenizer

Lumenizer at hospitals