Multi Tool Desktop 3D Printer – ZMorph FAB

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How did ZMorph FAB won the best All-In-One 3D Printer?

ZMorph FAB ranked first consecutively in All3DP as the best all-in-one 3D printer. All3DP is an independent 3D printer review website that is trusted by thousands of users in the 3D printing community. Competing against hundreds of desktop printers, ZMorph has consistently proven its quality, reproducibility and versatility.

Benefits at a Glance

1. Multi-Purpose Functionality

ZMorph FAB simple and easily interchangeable toolhead is equipped with 3 different workflows of 3D printing + CNC milling + laser cutting and engraving.

Works with almost 50 different materials, saving workspace without compromising output. Need extra space? Worktables can also be switched out for a larger workspace depending on your needs.

2. Comprehensive Resources & Information Guides

ZMorph believes in providing a holistic learning experience and offers more than just a 3D printer.

The ZMorph Material Library gives you access to over 50 material properties and processing properties in a booklet. All ZMorph users can sign up for a series of online lectures on ZMorph Academy catered for beginners to advanced users.

Save time and roll out 3D printing lessons immediately for your teachers, students and engineers

3. Proprietary Voxelizer 3D Slicing Software

ZMorph’s dedicated slicing software – Voxelizer, lets you perform advanced features such as colour blending, image mapping not found in other software.

Save more and do more as educational institutes enjoy a lifetime software without recurring subscription fees.

4. Vast Open Material Choices

ZMorph’s open material concept allow you to print with special 1.75mm filament to suit your applications.

Print with filaments that gives you the best price to performance ratio

Case Studies

Fully Functional Drone

Ever wanted to own a drone? Why not make one for yourself? Build fully functional electronics with the ZMorph FAB.

Jigs & Fixtures

Spending too much on spare parts inventory? Print highly durable materials on-demand for greater cost savings and faster lead time

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Architectural Mockup

Create realistic high-quality architectural mockups. Impress your audience in exhibitions, trade shows, property developers and investors.

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Jewelry Design

Feeling entrepreneurial? Print cost efficient and customized mold for your jewelry designs and art pieces.

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