How Should You Conduct an Impact Test?

Cracked glass on impact, pressure test

First off, why should you conduct an Impact Test?

Besides environmental causes, materials may fail when subjected to sudden applied impact due to pressure, load or stress. Be it a dry film of paint, varnish or other related product coating – these materials may crack or even peel from a substrate when exposed to sudden falling weight and pressure.

Here is where impact testing comes in.

Impact test is a method to evaluate the resistance of a material. It is usually carried out to:

  1. Ensure compliance to specific test requirement
  2. Determine the maximum weight or pressure that can be applied before the coating cracks or peels from its substrate

How should you conduct a general Impact Test?

Paint coating cracking peeling off wall due to impact pressureNow that we know more about impacting testing, how should you do about doing one? A general impact test is conducted in the following manner:

  1. The coating under test is normally applied to a suitable, thin metal panel. The coated side of the panel can either be facing upwards towards the falling weight, or downwards opposite to the falling weight.
  2. After the coating has cured, a standard weight is dropped from a known height onto the panel. This should cause deformation to the coating and panel.
  3. Gradually repeat the process of dropping the same standard weight at an increasing height. Generally, the failure point of material occurs when the coat starts to crack due to the impact.

What equipment should I use to conduct an Impact Test?

There are various types of impact testers designed to meet different test standards.

In general, impact testers usually consist of a solid base with guided tube support, together with different weights and impact heads. The selection of impact tester and type of tester heads are dependent on your business’s application and usage.

What can Maha Offer?

impact testers, type of impact test

Maha carries varies types of Impact Testers in accordance with industry standards. Some of our top selling products are:

  1. Heavy-Duty Impact Tester- in accordance with ASTM D2794ASTM D3029 & ISO 6272.2 
  2. ISO Impact Tester– in accordance with ASTM D2794, ASTM D 3029 & ISO 6272.1
  3. DuPont Impact Tester– In accordance to JIS-K5400, ASTM D2794, CNS 10756 

Contact us at or at +65 6863 1808 to find the appropriate impact tester for your business today!

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