Rowasol Liquid Colorant

Rowasol Liquid Colourant

Rowasol: Liquid Colorants for Plastics

ROWASOL produces high-quality liquid colour and additive concentrates and the RAINBOW dosage system. These innovative technical solutions enable more efficient and thus more cost effective production processes for the plastics processing industries.

With RAINBOW dosage system, ROWASOL has blazed a new trail for working with liquid colour and additive concentrates as comfortably, cleanly and safely as possible.

  • Extrusion-based plastics processingIt generally takes 0.1 – 0.5% of liquid colour to dye plastic goods to a completely homogeneous transparent colour. This is significantly more efficient than using traditional colouring agents, which need a 2 – 6% colour volume.
  • Considerably lower dyeing costsThe extremely fine pigment dispersion ensures the maximum colour strength for the pigment used.
  • Optimum use of colourROWASOL offers the complete range of RAL and Pantone colours.
  • Single source for everythingColours can be changed especially quickly and with relatively little waste; colour dispersion is homogenous after only a few cycles.
  • Time and cost savingsThe particularly fine pigment dispersion in molten plastics makes it possible to effectively avoid the formation of specks and pigment agglomerations.
  • Production of high-quality products with little wasteWith the component system, users can quickly and efficiently combine mono-pigment preparations into the desired final colours. Alternatively, ROWASOL can produce nearly any colour the customer wishes.
  • High degree of FlexibilityROWASOL colourants and additive concentrates are universally compatible with virtually every commonly used thermoplastic


MERGAL® V698K6 is useful for the protection of various systems such as concrete additives, polymer dispersions, adhesives, starch solutions, mineral slurries, pigment slurries, bitumen emulsions, and other industrial systems.

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Broad-spectrum wet state preservative used to avoid deterioraion and degradation of aqueous systems caused by bacteria, fungi and yeast.

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