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Affordable Safety Starts with You and Me.

Covid-19 has caused huge shifts in our routines and lifestyles. The increasing number of Covid cases daily has led us to take many precautions and sanitize more frequently to rid our homes and offices of bacteria that we cannot see – from wiping, spraying, fogging, to using advancements in technology such as UV-C light disinfection – or often called germicidal lamps.

Maha Chemicals is committed to promoting sustainable and innovative solutions to solve real-world problems and with the current situation of Covid-19, we would like to reach out to potential resellers to sell the Lumenizer 300 with us and spread awareness to help keep our places safe and clean!

How does CSR come into play in this Lumenizer campaign?

Not to worry! As part of Maha Chemical’s commitment to the community, for every five Lumenizer units sold, we will donate one Lumenizer unit (under a co-shared name of donation) to the Underprivileged Community and/or High Pathogens prone area! 

Therefore, not only will you benefit in this, but also will we boost our brands while benefiting society!

What is the Lumenizer 300?

UV-C light at 222nm, known as “Far UV-C Light,” is also used in UV-C disinfection devices. 222nm UV-C light has been proven in recent studies to be effective against airborne novel human coronaviruses. Unlike 254nm UV-C light, “Far UV-C Light” can be used in occupied spaces as it does not cause harm to human tissues.

Lumenlabs’ patent-pending Lumenizer™️ 300 provides filtered germicidal ultraviolet Far-UVC (222nm wavelength) light to reduce SARS-CoV-2 and other harmful virus and bacteria safely while people are in the room. 

The Lumenizer™️ 300 is an effective, safe, efficient solution that is customizable and allows for adjustable angle for varying ceiling heights and desired intensity.
Affordable Safety Starts with You and Me.

Join Us!

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